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I really miss forums! (intro sample)
Hi, I go by Yuuka online, and I really enjoy making things online, especially websites.

I made this forum mostly due to nostalgia, and as an attempt to recreate some of the old communities I've participated in throughout the years. I think many of us are really busy with our lives, and it's difficult to keep up with real-time social media (not to mention the addictive nature of it all), so I feel like static forums are a much easier and archivable way to form a community and interact with others with likewise busy lives.

I hope I can meet some similarly-minded people here and make some new friends.

Some of my interests include drawing, journaling (with fountain pens), and playing rhythm games. I'm a big fan of the Gundam franchise, Evangelion, various mecha series, Ensemble Stars, and Genshin Impact. A more comprehensive list can be found here on my profile site.

Nice to meet you all!
Si vis artem, para bellum
OMG I totally forgot to introduce myself even though I've been registered here for some time.
I'm Christina, I come from Germany and have been doing web design since I was a child - but just for fun! Everything I know about it, I kind of taught myself.

I love pixels, but unfortunately - at least I think so - I'm too untalented to do pixel art myself. That's why my love is mainly shown in small pixel cliques.

I love video games, especially RPGs and can play for hours. Final Fantasy is my absolute favorite series, but also the Tales of series.

I love watching anime and absolutely fell in love with Made in Abyss. But of course I like many others.

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